UF student shares why having a job in college is imperative

After blowing a job interview out of the park, Michael Masrieh urges UF students to do the same.

Masrieh, a fourth-year entrepreneurship major at UF, is a student building manager at the Reitz Union. Masrieh manages customer service both with the student employees and the customers.

“I help [customers] with their rooms, make sure everything is ready before they arrive. And if they need anything fixed once they are there, [my team and I] can make sure that it gets done,” Masrieh said.

Masrieh encourages UF students to have a part-time job in college like him.

“I think that working in college is a really good way to make some money on the side but also teaches you a lot of time management and responsibility because I have x-amount of hours I have to be at work, and I need to put everything together an hour before and have time to travel in-between,” Masrieh said.

In addition, he advises UF students to open up to their new environment and learn how to become independent.

“Sometimes that takes a year, sometimes you don’t really figure it out until you’re almost done with college. I would definitely spend enough time with yourself and figure out what you need . . . from there you can go and pursue other things,” Masrieh said.

After UF, Masrieh plans to move back to his hometown of Miami in order to support his parents who went through a recent divorce as well as be there for his 7-year-old brother.

“It’s a huge change for him. I’ve been here for a few years . . . it definitely impacted me but I can’t even imagine how it’s impacting him,” Masrieh said.

Along with aiding his brother and helping his parents find a grounding, Masrieh intends to get a restaurant job to make some extra cash.

“[My intention is] kind of settling the ground and then moving on to where I need to go,” Masrieh said.


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